About the Stories category

In this category there is room for people to bring in their stories about how they are using and adapting Sociocracy 3.0 patterns. This serves so as a tool for people to share specific stories, and it can be a great resource for inspiration for others and for finding patterns based on a set of real-life stories, which may even influence your future behavior and contribute for you to prevent some unnecessary tensions along the way.

It can also be a place for personal archive for your own stories and not-care-if-is-public-diaries, though if this is the case, please do ensure that you keep your data safe somewhere. I make regular backups of all the info here, and expect you to store any information that you find precious for you too on your own, though I mainly recommend that you build no attachment to any of this information and not let your Inner Peace be shaken… If you find all info on this site precious, do please say and we might arrange - depending on our alignment with the reasons to do so - for you to host yet another repository for backing up the data on this site.