Are you 100% satisfied with the life you are taking?

If your answer is yes, do please share how you do it. Maybe there is something for others to learn from you.
If your answer is no, then I have good news for you.
Firstly - I am here with you too. No need to travel this journey alone.
Secondly, it’s not You who are not satisfied. It’s your box, and I risk saying you can learn how to “build a box that suits you better”. An expanded box.

definition below taken from
Your “Box” is your personal construct of reality. It is how you understand and
interact with the world. You may call it a “worldview,” a “paradigm,” a “belief system,”
a “defense mechanism,” a “survival strategy,” your “comfort zone,” your “ego,” or your
“personality,” but for the purposes of this conversation we will call it your Box.

You can learn how to do it both by studying it and by doing it.

I started with “Sparks” - really free “experience proposals” that you can download and also can receive in your mailbox every single day by subscribing the random spark.
And then moved on to participate in an Expand the Box in May 2018, here in Portugal, with Matteo Tangi and Tania Coelho.

And POW - what a powerful experience it was. I felt welcomed in my full being. There was room for physical, emotional, mental and energetic work. There was room for being a child and invoking the adult within.

So…do you want to work your emotions ? Do you want to be more aware of the way you relate to others? And do you want to walk with me in my own journey into this world?
There will be an Expand The Box in Portugal in September.

Fill in the form available at to register.