Do you want to get in touch with your feelings and be more aware of yourself ?

There is a fly in my leg while others are flying around. I feel them. I notice my leg is crossed. My testicles are contracted against each other. I don’t want that. I unfold my legs.

Out there I hear different noises; something like a chicken, some birds. some strong sensation in my back shoulders. my neck is turned down while I write this in my laptop which sits at a lower level than my eyes, causing me some subtle discomfort. A discomfort I carry throughout the day. I don’t like that, yet I keep doing nothing about it.

Try it out yourself. For one minute close your eyes and pay attention to what you hear outside, while bringing attention to your breath. How fast is it? Stop by your heart -> what’s the rhythm? Do it now. One minute -> just close your eyes for a bit and whenever you are ready open them and keep on reading.

I want you as centered as possible when you read what comes next. Aware of the present moment and minding not the stories that are perpetuating through your present thoughts.

Just take another minute. Move your attention to two fingers below your bellybutton, and inside. Be there while reading the text below.

I take it now as a reminder that I want to spend less and less time in front of this computer and more and more time doing something else. That’s why I’m experimenting with social media promotion. Radical honesty is two words I once saw placed together. Some people teach you about it. I know little about that beyond what this words mean to me.

Radical responsibility is a different thing. I also read and heard these words together and initially I thought of it as something. Being completely responsible for what I do, I thought. I try to do that. Being truthful. Fixing the things I break (and trying to make sure they work well in the first place) whenever the need comes into my awareness and I see strong reasons for it. And yet, there is more to it.

Participating in an Expand The Box, and after that reading more about it, as taken me to understand that Radical Responsibility is about me being responsible for my emotions. Take emotions as feelings that I/we/you perpetuate through time repeating stories for yourself. “He did that to me”. “I’m so stupid”. “I shouldn’t have done this, I’m not good enough”, “People are dying right now and I cannot do anything about that”, “I’m lost because I keep questioning everything.”

STOP IT. NOW! When you enter this kind of speech you may well be in “low drama mode”.

Enough. Want to know more? You can visit and learn it by doing it and studying it. Clinton Callahan is the name you will see associated with this words quite often.

A way to start doing it (while learning more of this) is by participating in an Expand The Box.

My experience was with Matteo Tangi on the general leading and training and Tania Coelho on the body nurturing and leading , and I liked it, so I recommend it.

There will be one in September, from the 12th to the 16th

Also, if you register and pay for his course, I get a percentage out of it. Do you want to help me out? BLAST YOURRESCUER OFF. I don’t want that kind of “thought- full” help.

I’m trying this out because I think social media promotion is a way for me to be able to work remote and from home, to be more time with the son that I allowed to come into reality and who took a decision on choosing me as his parent. I want more time with him just to take a glimpse on the why. AWAY WITH THIS BOX ! I just want it because I value autonomy and freedom, and yes, I do believe that I can share some of it with this baby boy…and maybe re-learn something from him and share some of my love. Totally self-ish. Aiming for full Being connection.

If in your full center (Belly button, NOW !) you want to join me in this path of being more aware and more connected with yourself and the world around you, register to the Expand the BOX and “live your Being” this next September through the form available in the link below.