Does wellbeing for you mean a clear distinction between work and (private) life or that there is no need to separate the two?

A friend, Mira Bangel, asked this question today on facebook. I put it here as I find this is an ongoing conversation both with myself and the world. Below are some answers to it

Diogo Cordovil da Silva Cordeiro:
I would say that both and none. Distinction between work and private life can be useful, for example, when I believe that I cannot do different things at the same time -> meaning. If I am working, it is important to be completely focused into it, so I can be more effective. And that may mean that the complete “work environment” around is also completely focused on “that work”. This said, if not everyone around me is completely focused, it may really take an extra effort to split the two if one does not have the right “isolation” behaviors in him/herself.
This separation can possibly lead to frustration and to loosing creativity, as people separate their “private life”, they also separate their own personal observations and insights from work.

Also the distinction may disappear for many reasons, here are three: 1 - to achieve higher control of the work environment (if one cannot have a fully focused work environment and people keep bringing in personal stuff and personal hidden emotions to the workplace, the “managers” may realize that they also need to “control” private lifes and therefore they arrange for spaces for people to speak of those lifes…which can be done in very different ways…both in service of the individual and the whole, or in service of a few). 2 - to feed on the belief that everyone can be fully inspired and delivering their own biggest potential towards some common occupational goal. 3 - to create new business opportunities (when the prior dominating paradigm in some parts of the world was about separating the two) for people who want to promote that bundling the two together. This can be risky because then again there is this pitfall where only a few will be able to do that.

And I also can say “none”, because wellbeing for me can be seen as something totally independent from work.
Wellbeing I would say can be both an “hormonal state” and a “flow state”. In both, for me, wellbeing can be defined as a balance between acceptance of life as it is (through both my different domains that may be summarized as physical health, mind peace at a deeper level and being responsible for your own actions and inactions) and doing what you want to do in each moment - considering that this last option can be contained within the first, as “wishes and wants” are part of life, and accepting them is part of the journey.

I wish you a lovely research journey !
And please, don’t take anything of the above written as the Truth.
I don’t. Every moment the answer may differ. Right now, I’m having fun at these language games.
I also wonder…Why do you ask ?

I also paste an answer I could relate to, from Daniel Barradas:

Depends if you work on what you love or if your work as a means to an end. I feel that Sir Ken Robison’s talks about his book ‘the element’ are really good in addressing this.