I accepted an invitation to facilitate a 2 day experiential workshop on Sociocracy 3.0. Now what?

How has this invitation came to my door?

So I’ve ran a few presentations on S3 and some workshops too. I’ve been practicing and trying to bring S3 into my day-to-day projects (one of them actually happened to be in my life because of me promoting workshops on S3).

I’ve already attended two 4-day residential workshops and one 7-day Introduction to Sociocracy 3.0, all facilitated by James Priest and Liliana David, and the last one within the SEOC project, co-facilitated by Claudian Dobos and Andrei Iuroaia. During this 7-day course I met Mauricio, from O’Fojo.

I had decided not to promote by myself any 2 day course on S3.0 meanwhile, as I found that most learning comes from individual work and day-to-day practice, and well, there is still some need to build self-confidence around it.

Yet, I too have learned from these 2-day or more courses. And yes, a lot of learning came when in 2014 I attended two workshops on Sociocracy, just by following some exercises and using real-life scenarios. I’m particularly thankful to Frands Frydental and Rakesh Rootsman Rak for those. More learning came by my practice within Sociocracia Portugal group, João Sem Medo Community of Entrepreneurs “Orienta a Joana na sua aventura” workshop design, within Project GET while designing a process for inquirying people on the street, with the Movement for Conflict Mediation to design the movement, at home, and within FESCOOP - a Cooperative for bringing ethical finance to Portugal.

And now i got an invitation from Mauricio to facilitate a 2 day experiential workshop which I decided to accept.

Why am I posting this here?

Sharing this is the first thing I feel like doing to actually start designing this. By doing it I express my wish of connection in particular with the International Community of Practice of Sociocracy 3.0 - as I see value on us learning together, and I also believe it serves a need of sharing and building knowledge to the Commons. Doing so using this platform is also connected with doing it on a self-owned place I can keep track of - this forum - and being hosted in a project I support and where I know the people behind - and well - me being one of them counts too (https://www.indiehosters.net).
It also serves a need of learning discourse by using it.

How shall this information be shared?
As I’m still exploring discourse as a tool for information management, and I’m not any expert on this organizational practice, I’m also not so sure on how I will do this: Should I build a single post, which eventually becomes a wiiki, or should it be different posts?

For now I’ve created this category “3 days course”, with the intention to build one post per pattern to be included in the drawing of this workshop, and having a post with a pattern for the workshop as a whole.

Anyone may so reuse any of the content here, with the request of mentioning where it comes from (a link to the category or post in this forum shall be enough)

P.S. I’ve also started to write this in English since the request was to offer a course in English. I’ve intention on having this translated to Portuguese sometime unknown, as I feel there are people that might benefit from it. If you are reading this and would like to see a portuguese version of any of this and find a driver for translating it. Feel free to do it and to ask me for anything you need.

Feel free to post anything that you believe may bring value to this conversation. Emotional reactions welcomed :slight_smile: .