Links úteis para pesquisas online

Vi no facebook (que curiosamente considera que o link pdfdrive n respeita os seus standards e n pude publicar lá) o seguinte:

Skip Google for


As Google has worked to overtake the

internet, its search algorithm has not just

gotten worse. It has been designed to

prioritize advertisers and popular pages

often times excluding pages and content

that better matches your search terms

As a writer in need of information for my

stories, | find this unacceptable. As a

proponent of availability of information so

the populace can actually educate itself, it is


Below is a concise list of useful research sites

compiled by Edward Clark over on Facebook.

| was familiar with some, but not all of these.

Google is so powerful that it “hides” other

search systems from us. We just don’t know

the existence of most of them. Meanwhile,

there are still a huge number of excellent

searchers in the world who specialize in

books, science, other smart information.

Keep a list of sites you never heard of. - Academic Resource

Search. More than a billion sources:

encyclopedia, monographies, magazines. - a search for the contents

of 20 thousand worldwide libraries. Find out

where lies the nearest rare book you need. - access to more

than 10 million scientific documents: books,

articles, research protocols. is a library of scientific

bioscience journals published in developing

countries. - volunteers from 102

countries have collected almost 4 million

publications on economics and related

science. is an American state

search engine on 2200+ scientific sites.

More than 200 million articles are indexed. is the largest website

for free download of books in PDF format.

Claiming over 225 million names. is one of the most

powerful researches on academic studies

texts. More than 100 million scientific

documents, 70% of them are free

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