McKinsey 7S Framework - Is it worth the time studying it?

In this topic I expect to identify some questions that may help anyone interested on (consulting or own) designing or re-designing an organization, understand if they should take the time studying this framework.

For this I expect to start by checking and validating its critics and newer systems that say to be including this one.

Eventually, if I find it useful, I shall consider trying to answer the question:
When to be used and what can we learn from others who have used it?
And then go for:
Applications of the 7s framework in organizations, and their learnings from it
Contexts and Needs (Drivers) that this Framework may address, and mainly what do we know of indicators that reveal that this may be an effective model to follow.

For now, I reference the wikipedia link on the subject, and register this to address the need of compiling best practices in Organizational Analysis

And from this link I keep in mind the there (wikipedia) written limitations, considered vital points, and so make me question what benefit is there on going deeper on this subject.

Maybe if someone could start by answering the questions below, it could spare us all interested in organizational design a lot of time.

This framework, though highly laudable, gives rise to a few vital points, like:

a) What type of analysis is this ? Or what is the action triggered after putting your organization into this drill?
b) Does this give you real guidelines as to how to proceed further, after the analysis is completed?
c) Do we treat this as a guideline or checklist and proceed with using other techniques to formulate further steps?
d) There have been other techniques in vogue which have to be used to arrive at actionable points. Here too, a similar approach may be needed, as a tool, to really put this into action.
e) The above seems to be an abstract list of generic elements in any organization. But to improve each business process, such as Marketing, Finance, Manufacturing etc., what steps to be initiated is not spelt out.
this text comes from McKinsey 7S Framework - Wikipedia