What are the most complete frameworks on Organizational Design?

Why am I making this question?
Being interested and having some very concrete challenges on Organizational Design in my current daily activities, I realized I need to learn more about it to offer effective proposals to the groups I’ve been entitled to do so.

The specific context that drives me to this question
So, though I have started getting excited with using Sociocracy 3.0 Driver Mapping, I don’t feel I am quite ready to advocate for it - i tried it this last tuesday - in a way I can truly understand the right moment to serve to others, and at the same time have been following in a specific organization it seems for me an ineffective old model to be organized, based on spliting a group of less then 20 people into groups - one for developing organization, one for strategy, one for communications, one for processes and tools. So, first thing, as I really would not want to promote change if I don’t really need it, would be to find out which model is these structure based on, and put it into a wider context of different frames. (I’ve already asked the one who proposed it)

So what are the most complete frameworks on Organizational Design that exist ?
Another question of course needs to be answered too: What is that can be considered a complete framework, in the current moment?

Books that identified to possible have some answer for this

  • Organizing for Complexity, by Niels Pflaeging (got to it through a post by James Priest on Facebook Group Sociocracy 3.0 International Community of Practice)