What is it like to be you?

Thank you @AllanSousa for the sharing on FB.

In the following video Charles Eisenstein speaks about empathy.

He unveals an “universal” solution to tackle “evil”.
It’s all about making a question:
“What is it like to be you ?” Be “you” another fellow human, or some other entity (a mountain, a tree), whatever.

What if we could suspend hatred against one another and put ourselves in each other’s shoes?

What if we could love universally?

Can I?
Can you?
Can we?

P.S. One of my current challenges is loving moths and not kill them (wonder if I can live with them and not try to scare them away too). Any suggestions welcomed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

P.S2. I would certainly love you to answer the topic question, with my 2 cents:

What is it like to be you, now ?